CCISD Board recognizes cross-country team

Members of the girls’ cross-country team were recognized by the CCISD Board. (Photo by Lew Vail)Members of the girls’ cross-country team were recognized by the CCISD Board. (Photo by Lew Vail)

By Lew Vail

CORRIGAN -- While the Bulldog football team goes to the playoffs, the Corrigan-Camden Independent School District's board was told last week the girls cross-country (XC) team went to the regional meet and placed 15th.

Members of the XC team were recognized during the school board meeting, including Christian Pinon, who placed 59 out of 165 runners.

It was noted that Georgia Pacific donated $500 to the XC program for uniforms. The team is working on putting together a 5K run for Dec. 27.

In the report, officials also told the board the high school girls' volleyball team qualified for the playoffs.

The primary school reported the campus is now aligned with the other campuses using hall pass and visitor security measures. Everyone enters through one entrance.

Nov. 17 will be staff development day with the PreK through fifth grade teachers in math and reading training conducted by the Region 6 Education Service Center. This is part of the structure to align primary and elementary campuses.

PEIMS (Public Education Information Management System) Snapshot demographics on submission day showed 278 students at the primary school including 35 percent Hispanic, 24 percent African American, six percent Multi-Racial, 38 percent White, 73 percent Economically Disadvantaged, 34 percent At-Risk, 15 percent LEP (Limited English language Proficiency) and 10 percent Special Ed.

On Thursday, Nov. 20 primary school will have Thanksgiving Lunch and is asking parents to RSVP if they plan to attend.

Also at the elementary, Tangela Hunter was chosen by the staff to receive the Horace Mann Educator Apple Award. She works with fourth grade special needs students as a paraprofessional.

The campus raised about $1,000 during its Red Ribbon Rally, which will be used for field trips.

After-school homework help started and elementary students can stay on Tuesdays through Thursdays until 5 p.m. About 20 students are currently receiving help.

Thanksgiving lunch at the elementary also will be on Nov. 20 and parents may RSVP if they plan to attend. In addition, report cards can be picked up that day from 4-6 p.m. The junior high reported 219 students with 97.86 percent attendance. Volleyball and football for the junior varsity have ended and basketball is beginning. The UIL competition will be Dec. 9-11, hosted on the primary and elementary campuses with every professional on campus working on an event, coaching either a sport or academic event.

The high school reported 287 students with 96.77 percent attendance, they continue to make absentee calls and have filed on truants, as is required by state law.

The board was told students are doing great getting to class without tardies on Nov. 3.
Corrigan-Camden University has begun on the high school campus with a certified teacher present to help students from 3:45-5:30 p.m. each Monday and Wednesday. Two weeks remain for remediation for students who have not been successful on STARR EOC's (End of Course test).

The Department of Agriculture Equipment grant will allow for new cafeteria serving lines at the junior high and primary school. The primary school line will be lower in height, so students can easily reach food and handle trays.

The board voted to have a non-student insurance plan with Lone Star II insurance company.
After reviewing the current lunch costs and charges, the board voted to continue with no change for the remainder of the 2014-15 school year.

They also reviewed the instrument for evaluating the superintendent, which will be conducted before January.