City Council eyes new telephone system

CORRIGAN – After Tropical Storm Bill forced the cancellation of their June 16 meeting, the Corrigan City Council convened their regular meeting last week and reviewed a proposal for a new, unified telephone system.

At present, the police department, municipal courts and city hall have separate phone systems, which requires city employees to dial the full telephone number and tie up the city's telephone lines when calling one of the other city units. The proposed system will allow all city phones to connect to each other by dialing an extension number.

CMS IP Technologies Telecommunication System presented the plan that the council agreed to study.

The city previously sought proposals from accounting firms for the annual outside audit review.

Three proposals were submitted with costs ranging $16,000 - $18,000 up to a high of $22,000.

Before discussion, Councilman Bill Safford asked if their references had been contacted. When the answer was "no," he immediately made a motion to table the issue to a future meeting. Council agreed and the matter will be returned for further review at a later time.

KSA Engineering attended an earlier council meeting and made a proposal to assist the city in any projects that engineering services were needed. Last week, they voted to accept the contract for future engineering services after City Manager Darrian Hudman said the city attorney checked the document to ensure it met legal standards.

A new bid on a tax-foreclosed property was discussed and approved for the land at Tract 7, N.H. Hendry Survey, abstract #779, which exceeded the city's minimum bid criteria.

Council discussed and received answers to questions regarding the monthly financials. One was whether or not they might run short of funds before the current budget closed in September.

Hudman assured all present it is not an issue, noting there would be additional sales tax income before the budget year ended. Council accepted the reports and vouchers.

Police Chief Darrell Gibson reported the department made 14 arrests, issued 904 citations, completed 212 calls for service and performed 3,861 building checks during the prior month. In addition, officers worked 11 criminal cases and forwarded nine to the Polk County Criminal District Attorney's Office. There were a total of five accidents with none resulting in a fatality. Gibson reported the traffic signal at the intersection of Highway 287 and U.S. 59 seems to be under better control at this time.

Mayor Jonathan Clark presented the fire department report, which listed the removal of five trees that were downed by the tropical storm. In addition, the department responded to two motor vehicle accidents including one in the county that resulted in a fatality. There also were nine medical assistance calls, two calls each for vehicle fires and gas spills and one police assistance.
In items from council members, Johnnie Mae Brooks asked about getting the grass and weeds cut to make the city look clean. A citizen, Kelly Shadix, said she knew that council no longer has open forum, but wanted to support the city's efforts to clean up and right now the wet ground prevents some areas from using heavy equipment for weed and grass control. It was mentioned that people have hidden in the shadows and tall weeds and have scared some citizens.