Man arrested in connection with 2007 sexual assault

By Chris Edwards

WilliamsWilliamsCORRIGAN – A cold case which went unassigned to officers with Corrigan Police Department 10 years ago resurfaced on Tuesday with an arrest.

Theortis Lionell Williams of Corrigan was booked into Polk County Jail on Tuesday, and is being held without bond as of press time on a felony sexual assault charge. The charge comes from allegations that Williams went inside a woman's apartment in March 2007, and sexually assaulted the 47-year-old woman while she was asleep, according to Corrigan PD Lieutenant Bert Sims.

Williams allegedly went to the apartment with another man who served as a lookout while Williams allegedly committed the act, and subsequently fled the scene after the victim awoke.

According to Lt. Sims, he was investigating a current, unrelated case when he came across information on the decade-old case, which had not been assigned to any Corrigan PD officers on the force at the time. When Lt. Sims looked further into the case, he found it still fit the statute of limitations. He contacted the complainant to ask if she still wanted to prosecute, to which she said yes.

There was enough probable cause to issue an arrest warrant for Williams, who was arrested by Corrigan PD and booked into Polk County Jail on Tuesday. The second suspect in the case, the lookout who allegedly accompanied Williams, is wanted by Corrigan PD on conspiracy to commit sexual assault.